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The article reviews the activity of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine and abroad, particularly in the EU and the USA. The main problem this study deals with is the probable ban of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate (UOC MP) in Ukraine, which is potential against the background of the consideration in the 2nd reading of draft law No. 8371, which refers to “impossibility of the activity of religious organizations in Ukraine, the management center (management) of which is located in the state that carries out armed aggression against Ukraine.” In the course of our review, the key question is whether such a ban should be perceived as a restriction of religious freedom, or as a fight against Russian extra-religious influence. The article provides arguments regarding the real ties of the UOC MP with Russia. The declarative and factual features of the UOC MP's rejection of the Moscow Patriarchate are indicated. The danger the Russian Orthodox Church and the Moscow Patriarchate present for Ukraine and the international community are real. Problems with extra-religious activities of the Moscow Patriarchate arise not only in Ukraine, but also outside its borders. In this context, the issue of limiting religious freedom has a clear correlation with the abuse of this freedom.



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