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The article discusses the lack of legal documentation faced by Ukraine in defending its borders and national interests, taking into account its historical experience. Attention is drawn to the issues encountered by Protestant churches, especially, but not exclusively, the Seventh-day Adventist Church. A proposal has been made to utilize the volunteer non-combatant potential of churches, regulating it legislatively without involving the Ukrainian court system. The question of alternative (non-combatant) service during mobilization and in times of war in Ukraine is analyzed. The author argues the necessity of preserving the right to alternative service for church members, which according to the Constitution of Ukraine, have this right despite the conditions of martial law. Emphasis is placed on the need to create legislative mechanisms that offer alternative non-combatant solutions to the problem. The Ukraine must not and. indeed, cannot condemn and imprison individuals who, based on their religious beliefs, refuse to take up arms and can serve the country in non-combatant capacities. It is proposed to utilize the volunteer potential of religious pacifists for effective assistance to the affected without the use of weapons.



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