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Excerpt: "Humankind continues to need such encouragement as the Apostle Paul gave to those living in Philippi around AD 61-living like Christ while acting like humans is sometimes paradoxical. Thus, this reminder is warranted in calling people to be mindful of the interests of others in our actions ofliving out our lives. Discernment in making decisions is an important biblical theme, given the fact that most of us act and interact as part of a larger community whether as a citizen, as an employee, or as a member of a family. The premise of this book is that Christians educators have something to say to encourage others in private and public settings that is informed by our life in Christ: to live life first as a follower of Christ and then as teachers, administrators, counselors, or school psychologists in our profession, which may also be our calling."


Originally published as chapter three in A. L. Dee & G. C. Tiffin (Eds.). Faithful education: Themes and values for teaching, learning, and leading. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock Publishers, PICKWICK Publications.

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