The Christian Librarian publishes reviews and bibliographic essays of books and resources relevant to the aim and scope of the journal.

Review Requirements

  • Reviews should include the subject and scope of the work and a statement of the thesis.
  • Reviews should reveal the nature of treatment (e.g., reference, introductory, scholarly, textbook) and a synopsis of the content.
  • Reviews should evaluate the style of the work and identify the author.
  • Reviews should address how well the resource achieves its purpose.
  • Reviews should also situate the book at hand within the context of supporting secondary literature in the field. How does it compare with others of its kind? How does it contribute to the field?

Review Length

Review submissions should be approximately 1,500 words.

Bibliographic Essays

Bibliographic essays are book or resource reviews that, typically, cover more than one book or resource and critically analyze their relationship to each other. Often these are organized around several books or resources that address a particular topic or theme.

Bibliographic Essay Length

Bibliographic essay submissions should be approximately 3,000 words.


Reviews and bibliographic essays should be headed with the appropriate format of the following samples:


Last Name, First Name. Title of Work. Location: Publisher, Date.

Last Name, First Name, ed. Title of Work. Location: Publisher, Date.


Jane A. Smith, University of Higher Education

John A. Smith, Pastor, City Church, Chicago, IL


Citations and references should be formatted according The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition.

Review Publication Process

If you are interested in reviewing a particular title, either from the list below or a title that is not listed on the site, please contact the Editor for Reviews, Addison Lucchi, at . If requesting to review a title, please include:

  • Your name and institutional affiliation
  • The title of the resource(s) you would like to review
  • A summary of your qualifications as a reviewer
  • Your mailing address

Reviews should be submitted through our online publication platform.

Books Available for Review

Available Titles

In most cases you will receive an electronic version of the book for review. In some cases, a physical copy may be available; if this is the case, the book will be shipped to your address. Note: no print books will be shipped outside of the United States.