"When Kate first came to speak at the ACL Conference at Lee University, I think I'm not exaggerating by saying we fell in love with her and she fell in love with us. We enjoyed her and her enthusiasm and she enjoyed us. I was trying to figure out what I was going to plan for another general session at this year's conference and about that time Steve Preston sent me a note saying, 'Just got a note from Kate, and she is so excited that ACL was coming back here and she wanted to come to the conference. Was there anything she could do?'

Our conference theme is about expanding our boundaries in the area of information literacy, which is certainly appropriate. We are also expanding our boundaries technologically. The two things go hand and hand. So, I asked her to come join us today. I'm sure all of you know by now, she is the head of SOLINET. For those of you not from this part of the country, it's the largest of the OCLC networks and besides all the usual stuff, they are very well known especially in this part of the country for the wonderful workshops that they put on.

So Kate, tell us what's going on."