It was August of 1974. We had just moved to Miami Springs, Florida, where on july 1 I took up my duties as president of Miami Christian College, having left a most enviable position at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a bewildered band of faculty friends. The man I hired to build shelving around the room that would become my study had finished his work and I was in the process of sorting and shelving some 4,000 books. In the midst of the effort, my wife came into the room, watched for a while silently, and finally asked the question, "You really love your books, don't you?"

That total is now down to about 3,000, but the sentiment has not changed. We of the dinosaur age admit that computers have taken over the world but too many of us know a shining piece of hardware stuffed with miraculous software can never take the place of a library. When some people move to a new town, they search out the best restaurants, perhaps a health club, parks, pools, churches and malls. Not I. First, show me the library.