A patron calls the Circulation Desk late in the evening and gets a student worker.The patron wants to know what their roommate checked out so they can be sure to return all of the materials. The student gives the information, trying to be helpful to the patron.The patron comes in the next morning very upset because his privacy has been violated and threatening a lawsuit. The student worker defends his actions, saying he was trying to give excellent customer service, just as he learned in the orientation manual. How does one calm the patron, educate the student worker, and otherwise deal with this, and other, ethical dilemmas? This article proposes the use of, and training in, Ethical Decision Making to assist in alleviating ethical dilemmas.

This article will describe Ethical Decision Making, or EDM, and will offer a brief background on the field of EDM. The article will also be of practical use by providing ways libraries and librarians can use EDM, presenting a model of EDM, and suggesting ways to implement and train in EDM.