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The Nine Commandments


Recently, I found a file of old letters in the attic. Gently opening the folder, I noticed one unusual manuscript among the yellowing documents. It looked new, even though I was confident that this file had not been touched for decades. What was this letter, and why was it in such pristine condition? Curiosity got the best of me, and taking the paper in my hand, I began to read: My Dear Bookworm, You know how Our Father Below successfully tempted Eve in the Garden many years ago. Our Father appealed to the creature’s pride by convincing her that through exercising her freedom of choice she would become as wise as the Enemy. The Enemy was not surprised by this turn of events. When He created Adam and Eve, the Enemy knew that this danger existed – that the freedom He had given to his creatures might be used against Him – but He thought the risk worth taking. He lost the bet.