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Inventory or Stockcheck?


You have been assigned to physically count every learning resource item currently shelved in your collection. How would you respond to this seemingly impossible and intimidating task? Without a doubt, you might be overwhelmed as I was. Upon receiving my marching orders to begin counting our main campus collection, I looked around and just stared at row upon row, and shelf upon shelf, cabinet upon cabinet filled with books, video cassette tapes, audio cassette tapes, and books; oh the books. Not to forget slides, microfilm, compact discs, etc. So, where do you begin? For me, I chose to begin counting the section closest to my desk. Rather than let this daunting task discourage me, I just started counting and improvised as the need arose. I knew that I could count everything; I just had to put together a workable plan. The article that follows is a brief description of our library inventory project. All who participated became better acquainted with our main campus collection. My job description requires that I engage in counting our growing collection once every five years. Right now, I’m not counting the days until the next five years begins.