An internal faith integration project grant at a private, Christian evangelical Southern California University was awarded to one library faculty member in the university library. This grant funded a faith-based art and writing project in the library based on the theme of being a difference maker, a part of the university’s mission for undergraduate and graduate students over the course of one traditional academic year. The grant funded supplies towards the project and scholarships to participating students. The project was led in the library to: enhance student engagement, integrate faith and art, and provide a shared experience with students. Inquiry-based and self-directed learning methods were employed with a learner-centered approach. Students participated in group and individual faith-based art activities. The purpose of the project was for students to grasp tangible faith topics and engage in activities that merged faith with art. The result of the activities was the creation of two major art pieces on display in one of the university libraries. The result of the project was confirmation of the library as a staple for student engagement and giving merit to faith as an element in creativity, providing a connection for spiritual growth.

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