Call for Papers - 2024

Transformative Care Theme Issue

The ICCTE-J is issuing a call for manuscripts related to Transformative Care, to be published as a themed issue in the Fall of 2024. This issue will be edited by a team of scholars, led by Paul Shotsberger and a number of his colleagues.

Transformative care represents a force for purposeful change in educational structures and systems that allows for the communication of authentic care. It is an extension of an ethic of care, drawing upon the literature of disruptive innovation, and seeking to address inequitable practices, challenge unjust educational systems, and advocate for relationally-rich learning communities. This issue offers an opportunity for scholars to contribute articles from a wide variety of perspectives and contexts. We desire to hear voices from higher education and PK-12 schools, administrators and instructors, theory-based, and more practice-oriented.

Possible themes include, but are not limited to:

  • more inclusive curricular development
  • alternative assessment practices
  • trauma-informed practices (for students and/or teachers)
  • student-centered classroom management

We request that you make your submission no later than July 1, 2024, indicating specifically that the submission is for the themed issue on Transformative Care.