Review Process

The editorial team generally reviews new submissions on a monthly basis. As a team, we decide together on whether to send the blinded article or essay out for a double-blind peer review. Sometimes, we ask authors for revisions prior to sending a piece out for review if we feel that some important changes would make the piece worth reviewers’ time. Once a piece is sent for review, an editor is assigned to shepherd the piece through the review process, contact author(s), and follow-up with reviewers. Editors strive to ensure that the review process is timely, fair, and unbiased.

Reviewers are given a one-month window to complete their review. The assigned editor will compile reviewer feedback for author(s) and collaborate with the editorial team to reach a decision. If a revise-and-resubmit is requested, we generally ask authors to submit those changes within 4-6 weeks.

The editorial team reserves the right to edit all material submitted for publication, including peer review feedback to authors. Final publication decisions reside solely with the editorial team.

Research articles are evaluated on different elements than essays. Please refer to our Submission Guidelines page to better understand the distinction, or click below to see the criteria reviewers use in evaluating both kinds of submissions.

Article Review Form
Essay Review Form

The editorial team works to give authors notification in a timely manner. Submissions will receive the following determinations:

  1. Accept for publication
  2. Accept with minor revisions
  3. Reject with invitation to revise-and-resubmit
  4. Reject (content is inappropriate for the journal or there are unresolvable issues)

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for ICCTE-J, you can Volunteer to Review with your name, institutional affiliation, and areas of interest and expertise.