What made Jesus’ teaching effective? Jesus’ teaching was effective because it resulted in changing the hearers’ heart and having the hearer apply his message to their lives. Jesus’ teaching amazed listeners, for example, after hearing the Sermon on the Mount the crowds were amazed (Matthew 7:28). He taught ordinary, unschooled, disciples for three years and their teaching changed the entire world of their time and continues to affect our world today. The hearers of his teaching opened their “eyes and ears”. What made his teaching so successful? His teaching consisted of a set of procedures. Jesus identified the teaching moments; facilitated inquiry by giving inspiring questions, enabled audiences to formulate hypothesizes through insights, and encouraged his audiences to apply their learning to practical situations.

Jesus knew that learning was not simply memorizing facts or reciting the Law of Moses. Learning involved organizing new facts to existing schema and applying that new information. His teaching is typically a discovery learning process. The following article will review Jesus’ teaching method through the modern lens of discovery learning.