Kurian, George Thomas, and Lamport, Mark A. (2015). Encyclopedia of Christian Education (3 vols). New York: Rowman & Littlefield. ISBN 978-0-8108- 8493-9 (e-book). 1665 pp. $340US

This three-volume set is truly a monumental achievement. With more than 1200 articles filling its full-size, two-column pages, it will serve as an important reference work for years to come. Some might wonder if a market still exists for such an encyclopedia when one can find so much of what it contains on the internet for free. To wonder that would be mistaken. While, yes, one can quickly find an article on Comenius in Wikipedia, for example, one will not find one called “Armenia and Christian Education” or one for every other nation “… and Christian education” (one of the clear strengths of this set). For that matter, a Comenius scholar wrote the Comenius article here; the same may not be true of the Wikipedia article. And these examples are but two among hundreds of succinct articles that synthesize their topics accessibly in this beautifully-printed and bound set.