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The Wisdom in Questions


This essay reflects an educational psychologist's thoughts on pursuing wisdom during a pandemic and multiple social and economic justice crises through their lived experiences. These experiences eventually place people, circumstances, and faith at the center of wisdom while embracing questioning over certainty and answers.


Thank you for the opportunity to revise and resubmit again. I have spent the past few weeks attending to the comments and requests. In this draft you will see a rearranged essay with themed sections and a conclusion to meet the suggestions of the reviewers and editor. It has also been good to revise another time because it permitted me to identify a main issue: the role of questions in combating false dichotomies between good and bad, right and wrong. In so doing, I have cut some of the previous storied examples (for instance, Emi) because it did not fit the coherent narrative. But I believe that this product reflects the reviewers' comments and needs, and also presents a more polished and consistently readable narrative. The page count has also been reduced as a result. And the APA has been checked again.

Cover Page Footnote

I wish to thank the editors and reviewers for their invaluable time, energy, and wonderful feedback to help improve this essay and my thinking.