The pilot study outlined in this article aimed to explore the relevance and value of a strengths-based psychometric tool, Lumina Spark©, in a teachers’ education program. The study involved pre-service teachers from a Christian university and was conducted over a six-week winter teaching practicum. The psychometric assessment and workshop were designed to help pre-service teachers explore their personality and develop self-knowledge, social awareness, and stress management skills. The study found that the Lumina Spark© tool was effective in helping pre-service teachers understand their strengths and weaknesses and how they relate to others. The study also found that the tool helped pre-service teachers develop self-efficacy and increased their motivation to learn and improve. The findings suggest that the use of a strengths-based psychometric tool can enhance pre-service teachers’ self-knowledge, build rapport, and value diversity in the teaching profession.

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Special thanks to Audrie Bryan, who faithfully supported this project during her time at Redeemer University as the research officer.