Any Christian philosophy of education must begin with acknowledging God to be the Creator of all that is, and as the source of all Truth. All knowledge is derived from, or in some way related to, the Creator God. Three elements that inform our understanding of education are:

  • our having been created in the image of God;
  • the creation mandate; and
  • the principle of stewardship.

The fact that humans are created in the image of God (Ge 1:26-27) sets the stage for our educability. Essential to our understanding of that image are such attributes as language (communication), reasoning, imaginative and creative ability, and the need for social relationships. The appetite to learn can be understood as a manifestation of our having been created in the image of God. The aspiration to know, explore, discover, invent, and discern the relationship and order in God’s world is innate because of our having been created in God’s image. That image remains despite the fall into sin.